Semalt — Easy Way To Succeed In Business

As you know, the main type of advertising on the internet is the website. In some ways, the site is the face of the company. Any website needs continual support and promotion in the search engines. This is especially true in highly specialized niches, where the maximum number of requests is no more than a few hundred per month. In this case, you just have to rise to the top position to increase traffic. It is possible only with SEO optimization, but don't have the illusions, there are a lot of scammers around, who won't be able to promote your website because of their incompetence. 

Still, there is a way out. The Semalt company creates innovative technologies for successful optimization and deals with content promotion. To dispel all doubts, read the customer reviews on our website. It will be a direct proof of the reliability of the company. Semalt is a leader in SEO-optimization that has been helping people to get rich for a decade. Successful promotion of the website will ensure prosperity in business, so you must entrust it to the professionals only.

Every website owner has heard of Semalt, about its ability to cope with the challenge of any complexity in the field of website promotion. Semalt is not limited to SEO optimization; it also cares about the financial stability of those who trusted it. It's important to know that the company's team is made up of top-class professionals. Among them are the experienced managers, world-class SEO experts, qualified IT-specialists, designers, and talented copywriters. 

The coordinated work of the whole team allows Semalt to promote any website to the top positions in the shortest period. All the team's experts speak several languages and have extensive experience in SEO optimization. It is not possible to achieve success without strategic thinking, so Semalt recruits only gifted people. For serious business, you need to have reliable partners with an impeccable reputation, such as Semalt. We know our job and are ready to help you make the investment in a proper way. Website promotion implies SEO, so we'll tell you the main points of this art.

SEO's Pros & Cons

One of the advantages of SEO optimization is that the average cost of a visitor attracted to the website is often much lower, regarding other ways to promote websites, such as media or contextual advertising. Although, there are some nuances, for example, a promotion in a highly competitive topic can not be cheap, because of the cost of work on the comprehensive website promotion, including external optimization. Despite this, this way of website promotion on the internet is suitable for both large and small businesses with a low advertising budget. At the same time, the revenues of SEO promotion are not inferior to the results of the expensive advertising companies.
The quality of attracting targeted visitors is another plus of SEO optimization. First, the compliance of the keywords with user's search requests ensures the attraction of visitors to the website. Second, the promotion in the search engines implies a wide coverage of the target audience, because today, the Google search engine is the most visited resource on the network.
The disadvantages include the costs of time and monetary resources. For the search engine, SEO is a long and continuous process of website improvement. But do not forget that the main task of the search engine is to provide quality information to users. Collaborating with Semalt, any expense pays off in full. In huge demand are such unique SEO campaigns as AutuSEO and FullSEO. Let's figure out what these campaigns are and why we need to carry them out to promote a website.

AutoSEO's distinctive features

The promotion of any resource on the internet depends directly on the traffic. A rapid increase in website traffic is only possible with the implementation of a set of measures. Semalt envisages an ambiguous reaction of the search engine to various changes on the website and develops a system of procedures to promote the site to the top positions. So there appeared the concept of AutoSEO, which guarantees fantastic results. The AutoSEO campaign is conducted in direct interaction with a Semalt specialist, focusing on the following tasks:
  • selecting appropriate keywords;
  • website analysis;
  • website research;
  • website error correction;
  • developing links to niche-related websites;
  • ranking upgrade;
  • customer support.
Running AutoSEO campaign begins after the registration on our website. The website is thoroughly analyzed, and all the details are delivered in the report. The SEO engineer, in turn, investigates the structure of the site, correcting all identified errors. Next, the SEO-engineer makes keyword research, taking into account all SEO standards. You do not actually take part in the process, but always stay aware of all the changes on the website. As part of the campaign, a selection of links will be made for their further insertion into various internet resources. Our specialist will make sure that quality content is as relevant as possible. You can expect the positive results of the website's promotion to the top positions, as the properties of the site will be improved.

After the completion of all preliminary procedures, the primary correction of the website will take place.  Basically, it's the making of necessary changes in the structure of the website. All changes are made under the supervision of the Semalt manager, so there is not even a small risk of threat to the website. The report shows what technical edits need to be made and what components of the structure seem dubious. The access to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) makes it easier to recognize the search engine signals at the ranking update moments. After all the edits are made, the specialist begins to insert the high competition keywords that correspond to the site's unique content. During the AutoSEO campaign, you remain as an observer and record the positive results of optimization. You'll be pleasantly surprised to know that the AutoSEO service costs only $99 per month. The excellent result for reasonable money.

The basic idea of FullSEO

FullSEO is a very practical alternative for those website owners who are time-limited and counting on urgent website optimization. Running the FullSEO campaign guarantees the growth of the website rating score in the search engine. Besides, your competitors will be pushed far back without even a chance to catch up with your website's position. FullSEO includes internal and external optimization. To launch the FullSEO, you need to register on our website. 

After the registration, the analysis of the website will start automatically. The entire structure of the website will be checked, and you will receive a detailed report with the current status of your website. Additionally, the detected errors will be shown, but you won't have to do anything. All actions are carried out by our SEO expert, who will eliminate errors and determine the semantic core. It's a phase of internal optimization, which includes the selection of proper keywords as well.

The next step is external optimization. As a result of external optimization, the visibility of the website will be increased as well as its credibility. The link juice of the site will be expanded by inserting the backlinks, which will only be entered into the trustworthy internet resources. It is not possible without Semalt specialists, because online resources with a poor reputation might harm your website. Semalt selects only the most reliable sites to insert high-performance links into. Fortunately, the years of working experience allow the company to determine the reputation of any online resource. Thus, Semalt deals only with the high-principled websites having the most relevant content. You can monitor the rating growth through reports or direct contact with our experts. Semalt is fully responsible for conducting the FullSEO campaign, as well as for the successful promotion of the website as a whole.
You don't have to worry even if you will ever have to suspend the SEO promotion. Despite the rankings drop after Google removes the backlinks from the data archive, your ranking position will remain at a certain level. This level will never be lower than it was before the FullSEO campaign. To find out the FullSEO pricing, you have to decide on starting a campaign, and then our SEO expert will examine your site and determine the final price. Regardless of costs, the profit will always be much higher according to the principles of Semalt.

What is Semalt's Analytics

The traffic growth is undoubtedly a positive indicator in SEO promotion, but it's by no means the only evaluation criterion of absolute success. If we talk about increasing sales, you have to be guided by other parameters. The formation of the assessment of website promotion effectiveness can only be done by collecting all the analytical data. Realizing the importance of the situation, Semalt creates an innovative Analytics system that provides an objective estimation of the website's promotion. Sometimes the technical errors of the website require a rational solution to eliminate them, so Analytics is, first of all, focuses on the following tasks:
  • keyword suggestion;
  • keyword ranking;
  • brand monitoring;
  • keywords position analysis;
  • competitors explorer;
  • website analysis.
Analytics will reveal the factors that negatively affect the positions in the search engines. It will objectively assess the quality of the website optimization and offer a list of key target requests. Then, our experts will include these requests in the semantic core. Analytics is perfectly adapted to the evolutionary development of SEO, so checking the content of the website makes it possible to identify the smallest errors. In order to use the Analytics service, you need to sign up on our website. After the website audit is started, you will receive various reports with the analytical data. Guided by this data, our experts will easily make the required changes on the website. For the comparative analysis, Analytics will also collect the information from your competitors' websites.

You are not limited in adding the third-party websites to your cabinet if you have a valid account. All added websites will be analyzed automatically, and you will get a report with the data of those sites. The comparative analysis will let you observe their status and the position in the search engine. All changes on your website are made, taken into account the updated algorithms of the search engine. The analytical data helps to create the pivotal set of keywords needed for the traffic escalation. By preference, you may add other keywords and delete non-relevant ones. Analytics is under the constant Semalt's supervision, which saves a lot of your time.

Analytics collects the analytical data around the clock. You can safely do other things without being distracted by the analytical process. The permanent reports keep you up to date with everything that's going on the website; all you have to do is watch as your website strives for the top positions in the search engine. By the way, your competitors will never be able to spoil your emotional balance. For convenience, use Application Interface Programming to synchronize all the data in automatic mode. We suggest three Analytics packages available:
  • STANDARD — $69 per month (300 keywords, 3 projects, 3 months position history);
  • PROFESSIONAL — $99 per month (1 000 keywords, 10 projects, 1 year position history);
  • PREMIUM — $249 per month (10 000 keywords, unlimited projects).

Explainer Video Production

Potential customers no longer want to spend their precious time reading but are happy to absorb video content, even using mobile phones being outdoors. Creating video ads on the internet is a fundamentally new level of impact on the audience, which is widely used by the largest companies to promote their products and services. Producing a video ad is not an easy task: to shoot commercials that would have the desired impact on the consumer is a real art requiring high proficiency. Semalt is proud of creating commercial videos in a unique format. In a few minutes, customers will learn about all the benefits of your company and the sales will get sky-high. Ordering the Explainer Video from Semalt specialists, you can be sure of the productivity of your advertising message. We offer the promotional video in several price categories, including cost-effective video advertising: the price of our product will meet any budget.
It would be fair to conclude the review by adding that Semalt does not need self-promotion: for ten years of hard work, we have made hundreds of people truly rich. Thousands of websites are saved by our experts. With no equal competitors, we are able to create a supportive environment for any business to thrive. Semalt is more than just SEO optimization; it is a guarantor of your success for years. Don't waste your time on useless reasoning, turn to us, and get rich.